Investor Relations

    The Company

Empresas Copec is engaged in two large areas of activity: natural resources, where it has clear competitive advantages, and energy, closely linked to growth and productive development of the countries.


Through its affiliate Arauco, it is engaged in the production of market pulp, panels, sawn timber and energy. It should be mentioned that Arauco is the company with the largest forest heritage in South America, one of the largest forestry companies in the world and one of the main non-conventional renewable energy producers in Chile.


It is engaged in the distribution of liquid fuels, lubricants, liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas, through its affiliates Copec, Mapco, Terpel, Abastible, Duragas, Solgas, Inversiones del Nordeste, Sonacol and its associate Metrogas.

Other businesses

In the fishing business it participates through its affiliate Igemar, which has companies that operate in the north and center-south of the country, making fishmeal and fish oil, canned, frozen and Omega-3 concentrates.

It is engaged in metallic mining through Alxar; in coal mining through Mina Invierno; and in the real estate business through Inmobiliaria Las Salinas.

Consolidating all operations, the Company has important production platforms in Chile, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal, the Dominican Republic, South Africa and Uruguay, and sells a wide range of products in more than 80 countries, in the five continents.