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The Board

In the Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting held on April 25, 2018, were elected Messrs. Jorge Andueza Fouque, Roberto Angelini Rossi, Manuel Bezanilla Urrutia, Andrés Bianchi Larre, Gabriel Bitrán Dicowsky, Juan Edgardo Goldenberg Peñafiel, Arnaldo Gorziglia Balbi, Andrés Lehuedé Bromley and Francisco León Délano as members of the company Board for the next three-year period. Mr. Gabriel Bitrán Dicowsky was elected independent director.

Roberto Angelini Rossi

Civil Industrial Engineer, with a minor in Chemistry, from the Pontificia Universidad Católica. He joined Grupo Angelini in 1976 as engineer and since 1982, he has held executive positions in the main companies of the group. He is currently Chairman of the Boards of Empresas Copec, Copec, AntarChile, Corpesca, Pesquera Iquique-Guanaye, Inversiones Alxar and Servicios Corporativos Sercor, and he is a member of the Board of Forestal Arauco, Empresa Pesquera Eperva, Orizon and Inversiones Siemel. He has also launched and participated in several Foundations supporting Chile’s economic and social development, promoting scientific and technological investigation, the improvement of education and the quality of social housing.

Jorge Andueza Fouque

Civil Engineer from Universidad Federico Santa María. He holds a Post-Graduate Degree in Business Management from the Business School of Universidad Adolfo Ibánez. Between 1973 – 1977, he worked at the NASA division of Universidad de Chile, between 1977 – 1980 at IBM Chile, between 1981 – 2000 at Sigma and between 1999 – 2017 as General Manager of AntarChile (controlling group of Empresas Copec). He is currently a Director of different affiliates and associate companies.

Manuel Bezanilla Urrutia

Lawyer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He was awarded with the Luis Gutiérrez Alliende Prize (Business Law). He has worked in disputes in Chile, both from national and foreign companies. He is experienced in providing comprehensive Legal Advice to companies within their line of business, in acquisitions and mergers and, in general, economic, commercial tax and other matters. During the last years, he has specialized in regulations of stock markets and of the Law on Stock Corporations, especially on corporate governance of Stock Corporations. He is a Director at several Publicly Traded Corporations, such as AntarChile, Pesquera Iquique – Guanaye and Inversiones Siemel. Since 2013, he is Chairman of the Board of Celulosa Arauco y Constitución and of the Board of Forestal Arauco. He is also the President of Fundación Educacional Arauco, which supports the training of professors at schools located in Chilean regions where Arauco group has industries and forests. He is a partner of the Law Firm “Portaluppi, Guzmán y Bezanilla”, founded in 1939. He is a member of the Chilean Bar Association.

Andrés Bianchi Larre

Bachelor of Laws from Universidad de Chile, Master and Ph.D. (c) in Economics from Yale University. He has been Visiting Professor of Boston University, Visiting Investigator of Princeton University and Professor of the Institute of Economics of Universidad Católica and of the Department of Economics of Universidad de Chile. Between 1988 – 1989, he worked as Deputy Executive Secretary of ECLAC and between 1981 – 1988, as Director of the Economic Development Division. Between 1989 – 1991 he was President of the Central Bank of Chile and between 1991 – 2000, President of Banco Credit Lyonnais Chile and of the Dresdner Banque Nationale of Paris in Chile. He served as Chilean Ambassador in the United States between 2000 – 2006, he was Director of Banco Crédito e Inversiones between 2007 – 2009 and Vice-President of said bank between 2010 – 2015.

Gabriel Bitrán Dicowsky

Civil Industrial Engineer from Universidad de Chile, “Summa Cum Laude”. He founded G. Bitrán & Asociados in 1995, one of Chile’s leading consulting companies in areas such as regulation, applied economics, energy market and free competition. Ever since, he runs the firm as Main Partner. He has extensive experience in energy and infrastructure, especially in electricity and hydrocarbons, in regulatory design, valuation of assets, commercial and contractual disputes, strategy and free competition. He is and has been advisor of leading companies in Chile and South America, such as Petrobras, Exxonmobil, ED&F MAN, Endesa, ING, Lafarge, Hydroquébec, Brookfield Power, Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Fund, D&S, VTR, ING, ENAP, Nextel, Aguas Andinas, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Citibank, Principal Financial Group, Grupo Briones, Cristalerías de Chile, Liberty Media, Grupo Matte (Colbún and CMPC), GE Capital and Telefónica; and Member of the Board of Empresas Copec, Soprole and Chilevisión. He has also been a director of Rabobank Chile, Patagoniafresh, Cerámica Santiago, STX Cable and of the following publicly traded companies: Campos Chilenos, EMEL (and of its affiliates Eliqsa, Elecda, Emelari, Emelat), Empresas Iansa, Delsur and Elfec. In 2 opportunities, he has been listed by the publication Who’s Who Legal: Competition 2016, among the most prestigious economists in Chile on free competition.

Juan Edgardo Goldenberg Peñafiel

Lawyer from Universidad de Chile, Comparative Law Program of Columbia University, New York and Professor of Business and Tax Law at Universidad Católica de Chile. Speaker at legal conferences and seminars and author of publications and articles on legal analysis. He is an expert in business law, especially on stock corporations, securities legislation, commercial agreements, M&A foreign investments, tax legislation and free competition. He has been actively involved in tax trials and other economic and commercial ones. He is a Partner of the Law Firm Yrarrázaval, Ruiz – Tagle, Goldenberg, Lagos & Silva. Legal advisor of national and multinational companies, including financial institutions. Director of publicly traded corporations. Member of the Chilean Bar Association, of the Tax Commission of said Professional Union. Member of the Chilean Institute of Tax Law and of the International Section of the American Bar Association and of Icare.

Arnaldo Gorziglia Balbi

Lawyer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica. He worked as Professor and Dean of said University’s Law School, for two consecutive terms (1985 – 1991). Lawyer member of the Hon. Supreme Court of Justice (1991 – 1994 y 1997 – 2015). Partner in charge of the Tax Advisory Department of the audit firm PwC (1964 – June, 1996). Director of the Bar Association during 2 terms (1994 – 2002). In 1993, he was hired by the World Bank to provide the Government of Venezuela with advice on tax reform to establish an indexation system in the Income Tax and the adoption of the Value Added Tax. He was a member of the former Resolution Commission of the Antitrust Law for 2 terms, and the Review and Advisory Commission of the Legislative Commissions in the tax reform project of 1974, Income Tax Act, Tax Code and Value Added Tax. He worked for 3 years in the Studies Department of the Internal Revenue Service, where the tax reforms of 1964 were prepared. President of the Chilean Institute of Tax Law until 2001, he currently is an honorary member. He is currently an independent lawyer, business consultant and Director of several companies. He is also a Member of the International Fiscal Association.

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